What I absolutely love about being an Asian wedding photographer in London is documenting the union of two families. Nothing brings me greater joy than receiving glowing feedback from my amazing couples. This is not only related to the work I deliver, but also how well I am able to interact with everyone on the day.

Couples are typically drawn to my work because they are after something slightly alternative. They appreciate the fleeting moments that I capture together with the vivid colours my images are known for.

When you think of the importance of your photos you may want to consider this. When all is said and done, your decorations removed and all your celebrations are over, what remains? It can be quite easy to be caught up in the preparation of your wedding day. However, it's sometimes just as easy to leave less consideration to the memories that you wish to remember. It's my job to preserve these amazing memories for you to enjoy these with your loved ones for future generations.

Perhaps not so obvious, but your photos will increase in value over time. It's this level of empathy that I have which separates me from others. I pride myself on showcasing my technical ability as an Asian wedding photographer in London in capturing pivotal moments. At the same time I am constantly seeking to inject creativity into my photography. I enjoy combining this alongside my vast experience of cultural weddings to bring you the very best in creative wedding photography.

The images below illustrate moments that I have captured across many events around the globe. It will give you a taste of what to expect should you decide to allow me to join you as your Asian wedding photographer in London or any other part of the world. If you share the same high regard for timeless moments being captured in the most modern, vivid and creative of ways then I would love to hear from you.