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The Ins and Outs of Choosing a Destination Wedding Photographer


Picking the Perfect Destination Wedding Photographer Can Almost Take as Much Effort as Finding the Right Wedding Planner!

Most couples opt for a destination wedding to have the beauty of a far-away place as the dreamlike backdrop to their memorable wedding moments. My photos aim to ensure that these moments remain tangible, enriching them with vibrant colour and context as my photography style portrays. You perhaps don’t need me to tell you that the fun and eventful experiences you enjoy during the wedding period will only last for that very moment. Once the celebrations are over and the dust settles, only your photos will remain, which would be my parting gift to you as your destination wedding photographer.

Nevertheless, an important decision needs to be made by you – who will you want to be your chosen professional destination wedding photographer to capture these once in a lifetime moments?

If you’re one of those couples who prioritize wedding photography above wedding food and decor, this post is for you.

It can become an overwhelming and somewhat tiring experience to make so many important decisions during this section of wedding preparations. Depending upon how far you are into your destination wedding planning, you will soon notice that there are a plethora of options to consider. To help make the important decision with regards to your chosen wedding photographer a little easier I have compiled a list of things to contemplate before finalizing your potential destination wedding photographer:


Check With Your Destination Wedding Venue

Some wedding venues require you to pick a photographer from their preferred list of wedding photographers. These are qualified, experienced professionals they’ve worked with before and trust to deliver top quality work. If this is the case at your chosen venue, it can potentially take this layer of stress off your shoulders since the pros are pre-vetted for you.

If your venue doesn’t have a list of good, dependable destination wedding photographers, you can still ask the property manager if they can recommend a few photographers that previous couples have hired. They’ll know of all sorts of high and low budget local pros worth considering, or of photographers who have worked at the venue in the past.


Consider Their Experience in the Field

Experience matters when it comes to hiring any wedding vendors, but a few notches under the belt is even more important when it comes to a far-off destination wedding. Whilst many photographers may grab the chance to shoot a wedding in a beautiful location, there can be several issues which come uninvited with it that you will want them to anticipate. For example, photographers who don’t have the appropriate experience shooting in the tropical atmosphere can run into equipment issues. Lens fog, for instance, is debilitating and can interrupt a photographer from working for up to an hour. Having covered a number of destination weddings in my time from the US to India, I bring with me the necessary experience and know-how to deal with challenging climates that require forward planning and proactive trouble-shooting should any issues occur.


Choose Your Photography Style

Every photographer has a distinctive style of their own and it is important for the bride and groom to understand the difference between them all and decide upon an approach they desire for themselves. You will discover that the aesthetic style of a photographer may also affect the flow of your wedding day event. For example, if you select someone with a pure authentic documentary approach, you’ll spend the majority of your time living in the moment, whilst your wedding photographer captures those fleeting moments. However, if you choose a destination wedding photographer with a more stylistic approach, you may find yourself leaning more towards elements of posing. All of this comes down to personal preferences, but it’s something you’ll need to consider early on. As a destination wedding photographer, I have built up a solid reputation in being able to combine capturing those once in a lifetime moments in the most creative of ways whilst complimenting it with beautiful, natural-looking portraits that you and your loved ones will enjoy and cherish for generations to come. It is this versatility and quality that I offer which draws many people to my portfolio of work.


Decide on How Long You Need to Hire Them

You might initially be looking to recruit your destination wedding photographer for the same amount of time you’d hire a regular wedding photographer back home, but it is important to appreciate that there’s often more to a destination wedding than just the ceremony and reception. When guests are travelling far from home for the celebration, most couples end up extending the wedding for a full weekend, filled with events. If that’s part of your destination wedding plan, you may want to bring in a photographer for some of these fun wedding events too. Consider booking your photographer to cover this duration, especially if you really want to document the complete story of your celebration.


Don’t Forget About Added Expenses

Destination weddings often require consideration to be made for hospitality and transportation arrangements – not only for guests, but also for your wedding vendors. For this reason, many destination wedding photographers who are willing to travel to document your big day will require their travel expenses covered in addition to the chosen photography package. Some photographers have these expenses included, while some will provide quotes without travel and stipulate the hospitality and transportation expenses to be reimbursed on your final balance. If meeting budgetary requirements is important to you then opting for the former option is probably more appropriate.

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