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Wedding Photography – Some Handy Tips for Camera Shy Couples


Some Couples are Simply Camera Shy

You want those natural-looking ‘in the moment’ wedding photographs and the best day of your life all documented in a visually creative way. However, for most people, the thought of gaining attention from your crowd of guests and being photographed professionally can fill one with anxiety. Even so, we all know that wedding photography typically goes hand-in-hand with your special day. So how does one balance the unfamiliarity of a professional camera and the desire to cherish candid, natural photographs of such a special occasion? The following paragraphs may help you uncover some of these secrets in preparation for your wedding day arrangements and also highlight why people are drawn to the colourful natural wedding photography my work has become known for.

As a wedding photographer in London, my photography style has been described as natural and storytelling in its essence. The foundation behind these descriptions fundamentally derives from the excellent relationships I build with my couples that in turn help them become completely comfortable in front of the camera. It allows me to provide candid wedding photography services that capture those fleeting moments in the most vivid detail without distraction.

But, how is this achieved? How can I help you not only document your day, but also encourage you to enjoy your special occasion as if I was never there?


Don’t be a Stranger

I pride myself on taking the time to get familiar with my couples and allow them to get to know me as their wedding photographer. This actually begins at the very start of the process once we arrange our initial meeting. From here I learn more about you, your occasion and your wedding photography requirements. Depending on the package chosen, this may include a pre-wedding shoot. This provides the ideal opportunity to understand your likes and dislikes when it comes to taking photos and for you to get a great indication for what it’s like to be professionally photographed by a wedding photographer in London, such as myself. This build up of activity ultimately means that on your wedding day you can concentrate on getting married and I can seamlessly blend into the activities of the day to capture your treasured memories.


Consider Having a Pre-wedding Photoshoot

I briefly touched on this point above as part of the relationship building process that I go through with my couples. Expanding on this concept however, I recommend that any camera-shy couples consider having a pre-wedding photoshoot with myself before their big day. Aside from receiving a selection of beautifully crafted photos, the session provides the perfect opportunity to build your confidence in having your photos taken. This is important, as on the actual wedding day it’ll help maintain the naturalness of the images captured, as we would have already built a solid level of trust and understanding that would allow you to relax and enjoy your day.


Make Time for Yourself on Your Big Day

Natural wedding portraits count in the slot that you have dedicated for yourselves within your schedule. When planning and organising your wedding day, I recommend sparing perhaps 30-45 minutes for the couple shots.

As an experienced wedding photographer in the UK, I believe this section of the day holds significant importance. Take a moment to enjoy this time together away from the crowd whilst I capture some beautiful portraits for you. I want you to celebrate the fact that you have just officially committed your vows to each other. Remember, it’s the start to a beautiful journey you are going to share together.

So there you have it — some of my top tips from a seasoned London based wedding photographer for camera-shy couples wanting to get naturally candid photos on their big day. In essence, be relaxed, be prepared and enjoy your day. Simple, right? Now if you came here searching for the best wedding photographer in London then drop me a line on my contact page – I would love to hear from you!

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