Asian Wedding Photographer - Which one is right for you?


If you're on the lookout for an Asian wedding photographer, chances are that you have a few in mind. However, making the final decision may take a little time. It is so important to make the right decision with regards to choosing a great Asian wedding photographer. The real value in your investment will come from someone with ample experience in Tamil, Sikh and Indian wedding photography. It will be someone who will be able to capture your precious fleeting moments with timeless accuracy and creativity.


Googling phrases such as Asian Wedding Photographer London, Tamil Wedding Photography, Indian Wedding Photography and other similar terms will return a multitude of results. It's important to ensure you are familiar with the portfolios of work to help you identify what appeals to you. Basing any decisions solely on the lowest available price isn't advised. Chances are you could be paying a far higher cost in the long run with your photos.


Fortunately, there are a number of techniques you can use to help ensure you stand the very best chance of securing a great Asian wedding photographer. I have outlined a few of these below:


Obtaining Client ReferralsWho's


This is my number one tip for getting in touch with a recommended Asian wedding photographer. It is also by far my most successful method of booking new clients. Everyone loves a solid recommendation and most newlyweds are happy to provide this based on final product and experience.


I often get approached by couples who have attended a previous wedding event I have photographed at or those who have recommended me to their extended network because they have loved the service and end results I have provided to them. A significant proportion of my new clients are family and friends of couples whom I have previously photographed for. It's therefore always an honour to continue the high standard of work that everyone has come to expect of me. I also get to catch up with my past couples and their families - it's always nice to see familiar faces!

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Enquire With Other Wedding SuppliersWho's

There is no harm in asking your other wedding suppliers for recommendations on Asian wedding photography suppliers. Any professional supplier would only want the very best for you and your wedding day. Past experience has shown me that they would also prefer to work with someone whom they've had previous interactions with. It's also important that they can vouch for the high standard of professionalism of the recommended Asian wedding photographer.

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Use Your Social NetworkWho's

Using Instagram or Facebook as a start-point to your search for the right Asian wedding photographer is an obvious option. It will assist you in identifying styles that appeal to you. It will also help you learn more about what is most important to you when it comes to photography. Your friends or relatives may also be due to get married and on the lookout for an Asian wedding photographer too. Some may even be tagged in previous wedding posts. If you notice a friend who is tagged, go ahead and connect with them! If the style of imagery is in line with what you are looking for, find out more. Most people are more than happy to help out so do give this method a try.

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Meet In PersonWho's

I always ensure that I have the opportunity to meet with my couples during our initial consultation. Firstly, I get to showcase the variety of products and offline work that I have on offer. It's also great way for me to understand a bit more about what is most important to my couple. I truly want to understand what is most important to you when it comes to photography. If it's important to you then it'll be just as important to me.


It's always an honour when I get to document the union of two people. I’m the photographer patiently waiting for these moments to occur…and when they do, you can trust me to be there to capture it.


Image quality is definitely important. However, it's also paramount that the Asian wedding photographer you choose is entirely familiar with the ceremony sequences. I pride myself on showcasing technical ability and creativity alongside vast experience of cultural weddings. It's important that whoever you choose can keep up with the tempo of fleeting moments at these highly-active events.

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There are clearly many factors that will influence your choice in Asian wedding photographer. Whomever you choose to work with, I'd advise seeking one you feel most comfortable with. You'll also need to like the images! Your goal should be to try and create the best team of suppliers to get you through your wedding day. Believe me, the day will go in a blink of an eye with so much activity happening throughout. Therefore, it is important to select an Asian wedding photographer with ample experience and who can document the occasion with confidence. This will help ensure that you can concentrate on enjoying the most celebrated day of your lives without interruption.

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Get In Touch

Are you still considering your options for an Asian wedding photographer for your event? If you'd like to get in touch to know more about my photography services then please feel free to send me a message on the below contact form. I'd love to hear about your wedding plans and how I may be able to help you.

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