Gorgeous weather and beautiful scenery in a tropical location. When Nishma and Dhruv were deciding where to exchange their religious vows they certainly picked a corker with Kerala, India.

As an Indian wedding photographer, it was a pleasure to document Nishma and Dhruv’s Hindu wedding celebrations. Kerala is a beautiful place and certainly one that I’d like to travel to again someday. The smooth running of the day was a testament to the amount of time, effort and co-ordination both these two put into the planning stages of their wedding.

As far as Indian weddings go, this was very much an intimate affair, which I must say was a pleasant change to the norm. Even so, this did not detract from the colour and culture that is ever present at Indian weddings. This was of course heightened by the fact that this event occurred in India – the Motherland of Indian wedding traditions. It was lovely to spend the few days here covering their multiple events and getting to know their friends and family as the events progressed.

This wedding was memorable for many wonderful reasons and looking back through the images reinforces this feeling even more. With that said, below are some of my favourites taken from their Hindu wedding. I hope you enjoy the images.

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