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Ace Your Sikh Wedding Photography Session

A wedding is regarded as a milestone in pretty much all forms of culture. A Sikh wedding is no different. Sikh wedding photography produces images that are vibrant, colourful and representative of traditional Indian culture.

Like most weddings, special attention is paid to the couple’s portraits. From close-up candids to wide environmental shots, couple portraits represent a significant aspect of a wedding and hold incredibly high visual appeal. A Sikh wedding is all about timing and sometimes despite best efforts, time occasionally runs short. This could lead to Sikh wedding photography sessions that are rushed, resulting in images that are less than satisfactory. For this reason I have included a few handy recommendations that can help make use of the remaining available time whilst still helping to achieve the images you desire.

Make Sure Your Photographer is Fully Familiar with the Venue

This may seem obvious, but it’s a valid point to discuss. Even if your photographer has previously shot at the same venue, there are chances that it may have undergone some change, which may come as a surprise. When your photographer is familiar with the site, it will generally require less time to set up shots and decide on the best angles for photos.


It’s recommended to not let the venue’s lighting dictate the style of the couple’s portraits. The classic go-to styles are:

● Bright and airy: this has been a staple of a couple’s session, which can be shot in the available light or light can be introduced to create the effect.

● Dramatic off-camera flash: Sikh wedding Photography typically offers amazing backdrops, for which this lighting style can be paired up with.

● Silhouettes: silhouettes are one of those styles in which what one can’t see is of more interest than the visible details.

Use the Existing Posing Framework

The vast majority of poses arise from five basic positions of the hands, feet and body. By practising these positions and making micro-adjustments, you can create a variety of different images and develop different levels of intimacy depending on your comfort level.

A Sikh wedding is full of family and friends looking forward to just spending time with the couple and loved ones. Using the above tips, you stand a better chance to complete the couple’s portrait session of Sikh wedding photography with ease and still have ample time left over to spend with your guests.

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