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Capturing the Values and Traditions of Sikh Weddings

In Punjabi culture, amongst other festivities, Sikh weddings are the most colourful and celebrated. All the beautiful traditions and blessings from senior members of the family help make your special day even more significant and joyous. These religious and traditional customs are at the heart of Sikh weddings. Being a Sikh wedding photographer in London, I will capture all the fun, dances, food, and cultural happenings of your big day.


As someone who attends weddings on a regular basis, I am truly inspired by the warmth, joy, and tradition that Sikh weddings hold, together with the individualism, respect and harmony that accompanies them.

Telling your Story of Love and Family Customs Through My Vision

SIKH wedding photography

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A Sikh wedding is a charismatic and exuberant occasion. It is a tradition that is so full of colour, detail and emotions with reception parties to match. It keeps us, the Sikh wedding photographers, on our toes as we never know what may happen next. In my experience, I have found Sikhs are fun-loving and happy people who love good food and parties, so I make it my duty to creatively best represent the occasion through my photos.


My Sikh wedding photography in London will be centred around capturing all the unique, and colourful moments for the couple and their families to cherish for a lifetime. My ample experience with traditional Sikh wedding photography in the UK has taught me to pay attention to even the tiniest details of a wedding ceremony. My camera gear is always ready to capture the natural smiles, the romantic moments between the couple and the eccentric dance performances and music at the wedding reception.


To me, Sikh wedding photography is much more than just capturing a moment; it is an expression of emotional story-telling combined with contemporary candid-style photography for your special day.


Looking for a Sikh wedding photography and videography professional in London? Get in touch to learn more about how I will document your wedding day in the most creative of ways.

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