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"We cannot praise Jermaine enough."


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It is my intention to show you how your wedding event unfolded. I strive to do this in the most uninterrupted and vivid of detail. It is also my aim to retain the creativity, honesty, and distinctiveness my Asian wedding photography is known for. Telling visual stories through my images is my passion and I would love to have the opportunity to tell yours.

Your Memories Beautifully Captured

Capturing once in a lifetime memories at the most unpredictable times is what I excel at. It is the cornerstone to keeping my images unique and memorable. I also love documenting photos that combine energy, light, composition and colour. The versatility I have in capturing beautiful portraits also offers an alternative, yet complementary way of working with my couples. It is also another reason why my couples have chosen me to provide their Asian wedding photography services on the most celebrated day of their lives.

"We cannot imagine anyone else capturing our special moments as perfect as Jermaine!"

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Why Me?


Whether you are looking for someone to immortalise your big day or do a pre-wedding shoot, I am the chosen photographer for many. Indian wedding photography in London involves documenting a challenging sequence of rituals whereby I bring my A-game to every single event. I have vast experience with the diverse and rich culture of Indian weddings. I am acutely aware of the changing trends and I have a great understanding of what my clients want. The picture that sets your heart aflutter every time you see it, an image that immortalises a pivoting moment during your wedding ceremony and the raw emotion that invokes a reaction from your loved ones is what I promise to deliver with each of my assignments.


Why You?


I am dedicated to my art and as an Asian wedding photographer in UK, you can lay your trust in me to be well versed with all the customs and traditions involved in your wedding. That’s my secret; I believe that beauty lies in details which should never be overlooked. Elements such as the excitement of the groom sitting behind the antarpat as he patiently awaits the arrival of his bride, the gentle and careful placement of the Sindoor symbolising the bride’s status as a married woman to the anxious and elated parents watching on, I am there, documenting it all. Everything is backed by my experience and technical creativity, helping ensure I give you a vision and perspective of your wedding that you never could have imagined. If you are searching for and Asian wedding photographer who can visually represent all that you see and everything you feel then I am glad that we have crossed paths.


I have seen it all!


On several occasions involving elaborate events such as an Indian wedding, there have been things that I have witnessed that don’t necessarily go according to plan. This can prove to be a disheartening experience for the couple and their immediate families. I fully appreciate the effort behind putting together such an auspicious event which can continue across a number of days and I therefore make it my duty to positively tackle any photographic obstacle that comes my way. This could range from anything such as a shortage of time to capture the couple portraits to the handling and arrangement of large group shots. Family and friends take precedence over everything, and they should be involved in helping you create memories that you will one day pass on to your children as part of your legacy. I can relate to all the challenges that an Indian wedding presents as one of the most experienced Indian wedding photographers in London. The ample technical knowledge, experience, creative flare and professional attitude that I bring to all my events help ensure that I remain completely focussed on capturing the moments of your most memorable day.


How do I do what I do?


With experience comes wisdom and the ability to anticipate what may or may not happen at events which are a culmination of love and colourful frenzy. With me by your side, you won’t ever have to worry that I may miss a critical moment or ritual taking place since I am geared to know what happens next. You can therefore relax and enjoy your wedding event. I wouldn't want it any other way. In fact, I will endeavour to provide you with the precious moments that you may have missed as you try to move through your day. You may not remember the elation you felt when your won the Koda Kodi or the tears in your parent’s eyes during your Rukhsati, but that’s where I come in to help complete the puzzle for you as one of the most capable Hindu wedding photographers in London. I take immense pride in capturing the most memorable images and gracing them with the editing style I have become widely known for. I love what I do and it’s a passion that I want to share with you.


No doubt in your search for an Asian wedding photographer you may have come across a variety of images via social media and magazines, envisaging what your special day may look like. I am offering my services to anyone who shares in my desire to preserve precious moments, forever. We can go over what’s most important to you as a couple and come with a plan that works for everyone. My mission is to listen to what your wedding photography requirements are, to understand what moves you photographically and to ensure that the entire process with me is as seamless as possible. I will be entirely present at your event capturing every fleeting moment, but due to the discreetness in my photographic approach it’ll feel like I am not even there – a behaviour that has taken many years to refine and perfect.


My Secret


I don’t want you to solely take my word for it however; you can find some of the feedback my couples have been kind enough express on their experience with me here . Please feel free to read their reviews for a deeper insight into what it is like to work with me. As an Asian wedding photographer in London, it gives me great pleasure to provide a distinct quality to every wedding I shoot. I’d love us to work together to fulfil our mission to having beautifully crafted images of your wedding day. The only thing standing between you and your flawless wedding album is your choice of a photographer.

When the wedding festivities are all over, the only tangible thing that will remain will be your images. This story is about you and your loved ones. Let me help you tell it and immortalise it in the way that it deserves.