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The Many Facets of Indian Wedding Photography Styles

Indian culture is rich and diverse, and weddings are no exception. Every couple wants their personalised style of photographs which are an attempt at capturing their day in its originality. Indian wedding photographers are well versed with the many types of styles that encompass all wedding festivities. Here are some of the most sought-after wedding photography styles that are always in demand at an Indian wedding:

Traditional Wedding Photography

It’s a common misconception that traditional photography is obsolete and dull. However, that is not the case. It is a classic way of taking photos which makes the celebration a people-centred unforgettable event. This is the most straight forward style and is suitable for everyone where you want to make the couple and guests the centre of attention.


Candid Wedding Photography

This wedding style encapsulates the soulful and genuine emotions of the wedding. Candid Indian photography in London is sure to bring out the emotions of the event long after it’s over. That’s the beauty of candid photography; it has the power to transport you back to the days of the actual memory and make you relive all the emotions once again.

Dramatic Wedding Photography

These photos show the intimate moments between the couple where you can see them expressing their love with a gesture or a glance. You’ll find that this style is predominantly focussed on posing using pre-orchestrated sequences and styling.

Artistic Wedding Photography

Indian weddings are a sight to behold when it comes to decor and is comparable to none. The decor plays a focal role in this wedding style where the photographer tells stories utilising these details. Everything from the fabric, flowers, ornaments, jewellery, food and calligraphy are a source of inspiration. The Indian wedding is a haven for the artistic photo experts as there are myriad of options to exploit for the perfect photo.

Documentary Wedding Photography

The documentary wedding photography style is based on the need to capture every detail that is happening at the wedding more so than posed images. There are many significant rituals that happen at an Indian wedding and many key members of friends and family that attend, which make this style particularly suited to this type of event. Indian wedding photography is a very intense activity. Depending on the number of guests that arrive you may need to consider booking a couple of photographers to satisfy the appropriate coverage.

The Popular Wedding Poses

If you have specific poses in mind, then that makes the job of the photographer pretty easy and you get the photos you envisioned. 

An experienced Indian wedding photographer will never be short of options when it comes to capturing moments that will be immortalised through breathtaking images. It is indeed the most important day of your life so it is important that you choose your photographer wisely for this unrepeatable event.

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