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The Latest Themes in Indian Wedding Photography

An Indian wedding involves a lot of planning and decision making, but at the end of it all one of the things that matters most are the photographs. They are the only window into the past that remind you of how special that day was, how happy you were, who attended, and acts as a reference point in your family history. Please don’t feel that your musings over what kind of wedding shots you want is over planning because those photos will be a part of your legacy. It’s always a great idea to let your Indian wedding photographer know what photography style resonates with you best. Having said that, you may have already arrived at that decision by gleaning through their portfolio.

If you are not sure about the style appeals to your personality as a couple, then browse through the following popular themes that can be currently found in Indian wedding photography.

Colour Me Wild

It won’t be an Indian wedding without a panorama of colours which is one of the features that makes them so unique. It would be a recurring shame to let these colours go to waste, which is why you must have them in your photos. Colours express emotions, and the vibrant display is just like a real-life filter for your photos.

The Secret is in the Details

There are many intricacies involved in an Indian wedding besides the main event and the fun that comes along with it. It’s essential to capture the wedding details since they make your event distinct and in a class of its own. Up-close shots of the lehenga, shoes, flowers, jewellery, henna, and the stage are all opportunities for photos that are often overlooked but add authenticity to your memories of the day.

Down with the Drone

Drone photography is the latest upgrade used in Indian wedding photography in London. With such a large gathering, it’s sometimes impossible to find a way to capture everybody. This is where the drone sweeps in and provides a viable option to consider. By flying overhead, the drone can take wide-angle shots and even get some jaw-dropping photos of the venue as well.

Shoot All the Events

On average, an Indian wedding takes place over the span of three days, which means that the couple may want to be photographed all of these days. This allows for ample time to capture all the guests and the special moments from applying the henna to the bride’s teary-eyed departure.

Storytelling with Documentary Photography

More and more couples are opting for their photographer to portray a genuine story through their photos instead of doing the traditional posed shots. This involves taking a many multiple candid photos which capture the event in its originality, complete with raw emotions.

Indian wedding photographers are dedicated to commemorating your event and provide you with memories that will last for several generations. Irrespective of the size of your wedding, getting the right kind of photos should be high up on your agenda, if not at the very top.

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