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All the Best Wedding Photographers in UK Lean Towards Taking Candid Photos – What’s the Appeal About Candid Wedding Photography?


A bride sharing a burst of laughter with her bridesmaids, a groom being teased by his groomsmen, a father feeling a little sentimental walking his daughter down the aisle… capturing the essence of these very pure and truly heartwarming moments gave birth to the idea of candid wedding photography.

The power of candid photos really shine through when you manage to lock-in and save a feeling of genuine emotion, whether in the form of sadness, joy, or anything in-between. Capturing beautiful feelings and sentiments of people (and translating it into a still image) is not an easy task, especially if a photographer is working with a naturally a shy bride or a nervous groom who doesn’t love the idea of a day-long interaction with a camera.

Candid is Beautifully Natural

Embracing your surroundings – whether that’s the skyline of your destination wedding venue or the natural green landscape of your ceremony site – is one way to produce effortlessly amazing candid photos.

Candid wedding photography allows for those genuine emotions and wedding vibes to shine through. Candid photography can be categorized in many forms, including event, portraiture, travel, street, or family photography. But these days, candid wedding photography is understandably a hot topic and for all the right reasons. Indian weddings, for example, typically have a lot going on. It is therefore very important for your chosen photographer to not only be experienced in this field but also be on high alert to capture these once in a lifetime moments. I often say that if you can photograph an Indian wedding then you can photograph almost anything! Candid wedding photographers need to ‘be in the moment’ to produce the best results that clients will fall in love with instantly.

Why Candid?

If you came across this article searching for the best wedding photographer in UK, you clearly value the importance of candid wedding photography. Being a professional photographer myself, I have a sincere passion for capturing real moments of two people in love and consequentially two families coming together as one. When you look back at you photos in years to come, it is these genuine, candid moments that will transport you back in time. After all, your photos are the only tangible memory from your wedding day so what better way to reminisce than look back at these fleeting candid moments? From documenting the getting ready stages with the bride to the final moments of an after-party, I get plenty of opportunities to document unique moments in the most creative of ways.

Here are a few more reasons why candid wedding photography is all the hype.

It Captures the Essence of a Real Moment

Candid photos are innately charming, which is one of the reasons why many couples are opting for this style of photography on their big day. The true talent behind any professional photographer lies in the ability to capture those precious moments when the bride, the groom, family, and guests aren’t aware of the fact that somebody is discreetly documenting these elements in camera.

Taking beautiful candid photos is, in my opinion, the ideal way to represent emotions photographically and ensure that they remain everlasting. They intend to capture unique, REAL moments that are never to be repeated again.

It’s a Form of Storytelling

A great candid wedding photographer is able to catch all the unique, heartfelt moments in their natural state. When assembling the photos in your wedding album, it is important that they are arranged in such a way so as to tell a story of your day. A well-crafted album will provide a very special and emotionally powerful heirloom for you and your children to revisit for generations to come. People looking at your photos will see how you were feeling that day. It is your photos that will tell people your story.

It Documents the Entire Event

The art of taking candid wedding photos aims to ensure that your celebrations are documented in the most sincere and honest way. Collectively, they combine all of the precious moments that make up your pre-wedding stage, during the wedding, and post-wedding worth the while. Only the very best wedding photographers in the UK will have the innate ability to utilise their photography gear and skillset to capture these feelings and sentiments forever.

As your photographer, I am responsible for documenting your event in a very unique and creative way. It is extremely important for me to ensure that what I capture reflects the original and real you and the love you have for each other as a couple. To me, photography is all about capturing your memorable moments in a timeless, elegant and natural way, so you fondly remember them (and hopefully Jermaine Chandra) over the course of your lifetime.

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