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6 Types of Asian Wedding Photography


Asian wedding photography is distinct from other wedding photography for several reasons:

  • There are a variety of hues in the costumes of the couple and their guests. Asian weddings, in particular, prefer red as a marital colour.
  • Before the wedding day, several ceremonies take place. In Indian traditions, for example, there are several distinct pre-wedding customs, such as an engagement — Sagaai, a musical evening — Sangeet, and Mehndi — a ritual when all of the bride’s friends come to rejoice with her while her hands and feet are adorned.
  • The number of guests. It’s not uncommon for Asian weddings to invite hundreds, sometimes even thousands of people.

There are many varieties of Asian wedding photography, depending on which part of Asia the couple is from. Each Asian wedding includes regional customs and practices passed down for centuries. In this post, we’ll briefly go through some of the most common types of Asian wedding photography in the UK.


Types of Asian Wedding Photography


Indian Wedding Photography

Indian wedding photography is characterised by colourful clothing, graceful dances, and a special glow. Indian weddings stand out due to their unique customs and traditions. Traditional Indian wedding photography has distinct soulfulness and honesty, and the main goal of an Indian wedding photographer is to capture the authentic emotions of the couple and their friends and family.

Shivi and Jinesh’s Indian wedding photoshoot is a fantastic example of Indian wedding photography with an abundance of colour and happiness.


Tamil Wedding Photography

Indian weddings are a classic example of exquisite customs and traditions, and Tamil weddings are no different. With a perfect harmony of elegant style and jubilant ambience, they focus more on upholding time-honoured traditions than any expensive display. For the Tamils, the spiritual significance of a wedding comes first, rather than all the pageantry and spectacle.
You may see what a Tamil wedding ceremony is like in this blog post. I truly enjoyed documenting this special event for a Tamil couple who were so deeply in love and happy.


Hindu Wedding Photography

The most significant event a wedding photographer should capture at a Hindu ceremony is the Saat Phere, which comprises seven circuits around a sacred fire. During this ritual, the couple prays for plenty of food, good health, wealth, love and respect, a smooth future together, and mutual understanding. Another crucial event in a Hindu wedding is the games played by the bride and groom. They’re full of mirth and excitement, which makes them an unforgettable part of the celebration. For a Hindu wedding photographer, it is also a wonderful time to capture wedding photos since the participants’ faces are full of emotions as they face various challenges.


Sikh Wedding Photography

Sikh weddings usually last two or more days, beginning with the Kumari, an engagement ceremony. The celebration continues with a fun and festive wedding party with dazzling dances. A Sikh wedding is a beautiful event that celebrates the joining of two people and their newly created family. The wedding takes place in front of the Guru Granth Sahib, the primary holy religious text of Sikhism, with guests gathering around the couple. Men and women are usually separated during the ceremony, with men on one side and women on the other.


Muslim Wedding Photography

A Muslim wedding, like other Asian weddings, contains many unique traditions and rituals. Muslim ceremonies are brief and include signing a marriage contract (Nikahnama) by the bride and groom. Muslim weddings differ greatly depending on cultural traditions. The Savaqah, for example, is a lovely tradition of showering the bride with money that appears to be brighter than ordinary confetti in Muslim wedding photographs.


Persian Wedding Photography

The Persian wedding is based on ancient Zoroastrian beliefs, which were the primary religion of Iran before its conversion to Islam. Although Islamic customs have modified the ideas surrounding marriage, the rituals themselves have remained largely similar to those in pre-Islamic Iran. There is much symbolism in Persian wedding traditions. Every detail of the ceremony mirrors a different element of ancient Zoroastrian beliefs. The candelabras and mirror symbolise light and fire. To fill the marriage with sweetness and love, married female family members rub kaleh ghand (sugar cones) together over the heads of the bride and groom.


Your Asian wedding photographer in London

Asian weddings are carefully planned far in advance, as they are the central event in a family’s history. These weddings, chock-full of carefully executed rituals and important details, need an experienced photographer to document each memorable moment.

A photographer specialising in Asian weddings needs to not only know how to take aesthetically pleasing and high-quality photos but also have extensive experience and cultural awareness. For years, I’ve provided all this to my clients, documenting each move, smile, and tear on this happy and exciting day. If you’re on the hunt for an experienced Asian wedding photographer in London, please get in touch; we can chat about the details and answer any questions you may have.

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