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Why you should plan your Destination Wedding in London


A destination wedding is a dream for many – that’s not necessarily because of budget or anything else that’s similarly materialistic. Planning challenges are not uncommon for a destination wedding and this also includes a crowded city like London. It is, however, always a fun experience to plan the most special event of your life at a place which is the heart of UK – a multicultural land that’s home to many people from around the world.

It’s a Welcoming City!

We all know this about London and its landscape is perhaps more varied than you think. There are areas of greenery as well as the breath-taking cityscape views that are on offer. A wedding can easily be arranged here in London, whether you need a spacious setting for 500+ guests or want one with a smaller gathering comprising friends, family, relatives and colleagues adding up to 200 or less. Most of my clients who planned their destination weddings here mentioned to me that they felt this city was specially designed for their special day since there are so many accessible resources at this location.

Food Choices

Whether you love traditional, continental, Italian or even Singaporean food, you’ll find everything here cuisine wise. As an Indian photographer photographing at these auspicious events, I have been fortunate enough to be able to sample some of the most tastiest dishes the capital’s wedding scene has to offer – you are simply spoilt for choice!

Beautiful Areas

Yes, they would be – London and surrounding parts have some beautiful areas. It’s safe to say that your pictures would look picture-perfect with the right photographer making those memories for you. As an Indian photographer, I always enjoy documenting weddings in London – it’s one of my favourite cities.


Another hassle that surrounds a destination wedding is the accommodation for guests. Be it a grand, lavish wedding or one on a smaller scale, arranging a guest house can be a real struggle – sometimes because of the exact location of marriage, sometimes because of the number of guests and sometimes because of the budget. In London, you can find small, mid-sized to even larger guest houses to provide comfortable accommodation for all who’d accompany you during the wedding days. Much of it depends on whether you’d like to go for a completely private bungalow or a contemporary hotel that offers discount packages. 

Nightlife in London

Central London is a place that never sleeps – great for your guests who’d like to continue your celebrations outside of the confines of your venue. This could be one of the most significant supporting sources of enjoyment for your friends, family and colleagues, which would certainly go a long way to ensuring that your marriage would be remembered for many years to come.

Not only is the London environment well suited to Indian weddings, but it is also home to many artists. You can easily hire musicians, dancers and even Indian photographers to help ensure that your day is filled with colour, whilst having those moments captured in the most creative of ways.  

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