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Thinking About Your Wedding, But Have You Thought About the Wedding Photographer?


Our friends can do it! Why do we need a wedding photographer? It’s scary to think that this is a real consideration for some couples. Consider this – once everything is said and done, once all the decorations are removed, food is consumed, all that is left will be your memories captured in photos. Making compromises here is certainly not something I’d recommend. There are plenty of other areas that can be adjusted that’s for sure.

Whilst photography isn’t the only important activity that contributes to making your wedding day a success – a wedding photographer in the UK is undoubtedly the most important person after the bride and groom. He captures everything: emotions, tears, laughter, the teasing, the confusion, the magic and the delights that a couple experiences on that day. They capture the bride sharing her feelings with the bridesmaid while the groom is getting teased by his peers – everything is documented to tell wordless stories of the day that would otherwise just disappear without a professional photographer. And that’s what you need a highly capable wedding photographer for – whether it be a destination wedding or anywhere in the UK.

How to choose a wedding photographer in the UK?

Finding the best wedding photographer in the UK has become a lot easier these days. There are a multitude of resources at one’s fingertips. Below are a few suggestions you may want to incorporate into your search for the best wedding photographer for your wedding event.

  1. Research extensively, book an appointment and examine the portfolio and previous work experiences of the photographer. Whilst conversing, make sure to study the photographer’s creativity in ideas. These are all good indicators in identifying a suitably capable photographer for your needs.

  2. Receiving healthy recommendations from friends or family who have previously used the photographer’s services is a great way to understand if they are the right person for the job.

  3. Check whether his or her attitude is in line with someone whom you’d like to work with. It’s going to be a long day so it is of utmost importance that everyone gets along without hassle.

  4. Don’t forget to check their website and social media pages – Facebook and Instagram primarily. Your wedding photographer doesn’t necessarily need to have a strong online presence – their body of work will tell you more about them. Customer testimonials and reviews may also reflect a lot about the style and quality of work received from past couples.

  5. Ask if he or she is comfortable in commuting or travelling to the destination. Talk about the additional expenses of food and accommodation for the days that have to be spent on location.

  6. Most wedding photographers in the UK would love to visit the destination with you. Arrange for such a site visit if possible so that the photographer has a good idea of what lies ahead of them. It’s a good idea for the photographer to understand any power connectivity requirements at the destination so that they can plan accordingly in advance.
  7. Once you feel it’s good to go, enter into discussions about price, fee and other service charges that are exclusive or inclusive of the bill. Talk about the formats that they’d be looking to provide to you: jpegs, MP4s, etc.

I hope the above helps you find the best wedding photographer in the UK. If you wish to talk more about your upcoming wedding plans please drop me a message on my contact form – I would be more than happy to assist!

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