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Indian weddings are an exciting and mesmerising event that brings an entire community together as your love and commitment are celebrated. Lasting for days at a time, an Indian wedding is something that will be remembered and talked about for years to come. If you are planning an Indian wedding, using a videographer is a great idea and will give you a physical memento of the wedding to watch and remember. Find out more about Indian wedding videography and get excited about recording your big event!


Showing Your Love Story in Video

The journey to an Indian wedding is often long and complex, as families work together to ensure that the match is right for both parties and that their future is bright and exciting. When all the planning comes together and the wedding day arrives, the couple will have an opportunity to get to know each other and develop their love for each other.


Using a videographer will give you access to the most special moments from the wedding, showing the love that has formed and the happiness of each other’s families as the celebrations get started. One of the best parts about choosing an Indian wedding videographer is that you can work together to plan how to best show off your personalities, your union and your love.


You can even tell the story of your engagement and your journey to the wedding with the videographer prior to your wedding day, meaning that the finished result will be as original and unique as your partnership. 


Must Have Inclusions for Your Indian Wedding Video

Once you have decided to hire an Indian wedding videographer, there are a number of items that you should consider including in your wedding video – these include:

  • Your Story – pre-wedding shoots and interviews that tell your love story and share information from your loved ones.
  • Pre-Wedding Celebrations – record any specific rituals and celebrations that take place prior to your wedding, showing everyone who takes part.
  • Groom’s Procession – this is one of the key highlights of many Indian weddings and getting your videographer to record it is a great way to remember every moment.
  • The Wedding & Reactions – film of the wedding ceremony, including the emotional reactions of your loved ones will help turn this video into a treasured item.
  • Vidaai Ceremony – as the bride officially says goodbye to her family and makes her journey to her new husband’s home.
  • Party Time – it’s also great to capture to party after the wedding has taken place – from speeches to dances, you can have it all covered in your wedding video.


Finding a Professional Indian Wedding Videographer

If you are keen to get a wedding videographer that has a solid understanding of Indian weddings, Jermaine Chandra is the perfect choice. With years of wedding photo and video experience, you can be certain that all your requests will be met with excitement! Reach out today to book a free discussion and find out more about how your video will be put together by Jermaine Chandra.

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