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Bonus Indian Wedding Photography Tips for the Newest Couples

Indian weddings are filled with days of traditions, food, music, guests and of course the couple who are focussed on making sure that their wedding turns out exactly how they imagined. Amid all this activity and celebration, it is not unusual to find the couple often shouldering some of the stresses of the day, which in turn are reflected in the photos that are returned. An experienced Indian wedding photographer understands the varying levels of organisation/dis-organisation that can ensue at an Indian wedding. With that said, there are steps that the bride and groom can also follow to ensure that their special day is captured in the most perfect way possible.

Always be Prepared for the Unexpected

As far as events go, weddings are complex nature. This is especially so at an Indian/Asian wedding. There are usually several days of festivities and celebration before and after the main event. As with any occasion of this intricacy, it would be unwise to ignore the challenges that can present themselves as the day unfolds. Situations such as the bride not being too keen on their makeup, the caterers arriving with the wrong food, late arrival of the décor, the list can go on. The secret is to try to not let things dampen your mood and to keep your spirits high so that they are projected in your wedding photos.


Lighting, or should I say the quality of light plays a huge part to the outcome of wedding photos. Depending how it is set up, some venues may allow for different lighting arrangements to be made. Some indoor events may suffer from poor lighting conditions, whilst outdoors may be at the mercy of harsh sunlight. Any seasoned Indian wedding photographer should be able to actively problem solve these situations and arrive at a solution that works for the event and more importantly, for your photos. This is where experience and knowledge really shines through and you will be glad to have invested in the right photographer.


Photography is a very subjective topic, so it would be wise to do your research on the best Indian wedding photographers in your area. It may be beneficial to provide your photographer who is performing your Indian wedding photography in London some sample images of the kind of photos that appeal to you. Perhaps you prefer close up shots, or maybe wider, more establishing shots are your thing. It’s important to talk about these ideas as it’ll help provide clarity to the photographer who can take on board your vision and combine it with the skill and talent that they posses to give you something unique of your own.

Plan for Delays

If you want to do an outdoor shoot, then a good time for that will be roughly two hours before sunset where the light is more flattering. However, make sure you plan for delays because more often than not there will be one. A capable Indian wedding photographer will be able to cope with any lighting situation, but it is worth building in some extra time into the day so that you are better prepared for any such delays.

Great Photos Take Time

Exceptional photos require time to set up and refine, which is often lacking on the day of the wedding. This is where booking a seasoned professional Indian wedding photographer in London can really pay dividends to your investment. Using their vast experience they will be able to take your beautiful photos all within the confines of the time limitations of the day.


Other Considerations

  • Communicate with your photographer frequently to discuss your plans and ideas beforehand
  • Provide your photographer with your wedding itinerary

Indian wedding photography cost is simply a value you place against your photos and memories. How much is the investment worth to you? It is important to consider this fact – the value of your photos increase almost exponentially as time passes. Give yourself the gift of eternal memories that you’ll be able to cherish forever.

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