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Capturing the Enchanting Muslim Wedding Rituals

Muslim weddings stretch all over the globe – from the United States to the Middle East to Great Britain with followers and cultures as diverse as the countries from which they hail. Marriage is seen as a religious obligation, but various cultural elements have been inculcated in this event to make it a special day for the bride and groom. A Muslim wedding photographer in London should be aware of their practices so that the photos reflect the commitment of the bride and groom.


The main event that ties the union together is the signing of the marriage contract. For most brides, capturing that moment when she signs on the contract is something she wants to remember forever. The photographer is asked to preserve this moment when the henna adorned hands seal their obligation in front of all their loved ones.


This signing of a contract is called the Nikkah and takes place in front of loved ones present from both sides of the family. A Muslim wedding photographer in London should be fully prepped for this moment. The Nikkah can be a simple single event or a lavish one or can be the commencement of another event such as the Mehndi or Baraat. However, the final arrangement ususally depends on cultural preferences.

Muslim Wedding Locations

Just like a regular Asian wedding, Muslim weddings are often held at local venues such as hotels or wedding halls. However, sometimes they can be held at a local mosque. It’s imperative to find out if the mosque has any special rules regarding photography so that there are no surprises on the day.

Walima aka the Wedding Reception

Muslim weddings often have a lot going on and may span over a couple of days. It is therefore not unusual for a Muslim wedding photographer in London to shoulder a lot of responsibility to ensure not a moment is missed. Apart from the couple’s photography session, there is usually a requirement for all the family members to get their photo taken with the bride and groom on all the events. It is therefore important for the photographer to realize this and to ensure that this element of photography is covered off.

Muslim Wedding Attire

The Muslim wedding attire is as varying as their culture; you may find some brides in white wedding dresses or in the traditional red lehenga. This allows for varied photography options that can turn out amazing photos, creating a legacy that can be passed on for generations.

Muslim weddings have evolved and vary greatly, even within the same culture. A Muslim wedding photographer in London usually gets acquainted with the couple and gets to know their photography style so that they can relax while their precious moments get captured through a professional’s lens.

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