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A Photographer’s Guide to Destination Weddings

These days it is not uncommon to find couples looking to get married abroad instead of at local venues. From luxury estates to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, destination weddings are a popular trend gaining speed as we speak. Although the underlying premise of all marriages will always remain the same, each wedding will be unique in their nature. A Hindu wedding is the epitome of colour and a multitude of activities, which means your destination Hindu wedding photographer needs to be experienced and prepared for this in their approach to the occasion. So what does destination wedding mean for the wedding photographers and how does this affect their process?

The Swift Rise of Destination Weddings

Hindu weddings are all about bringing families together to celebrate the couple’s union, which typically spans across several days of celebration. Destination Hindu weddings offer the same, but with some notable perks. A destination wedding provides an all-in-one offering for not only getting married, but also combining it with the honeymoon phase. A destination Hindu Wedding photographer may seem like an added expense, however nowadays these types of weddings can cost less than you expect when all things are taken into consideration. A destination wedding provides your photographer a great opportunity to take amazing photos of your wedding and elements of your honeymoon all in one offering.

Skills Required by a Destination Wedding Photographer

A Hindu wedding is collection of movements and scenarios shifting within colourful moments, which makes quick thinking a pre-requisite for any photographer attempting to document such an occasion. However, the added variables of a destination wedding can introduce further complexities that may not have been previously considered. In order to navigate unfamiliar surroundings, the photographer will need to possess confidence, quick rational and flexibility. At a destination Hindu wedding, there may be limited opportunity to get to know your client in person beforehand. The photographer will need to be comfortable with ensuring that the first impression may only be achieved on the day of the wedding.

Planning and Logistics

If the photographer happens to be unacquainted with the wedding venue, then arriving a couple of days before the event could help avoid any unexpected surprises. In this way, the destination Hindu wedding photographer would be better prepared to deal with a variety of situations with the likelihood of better results should anything adverse occur. It is every professional photographer’s intention to help ensure a positive experience and that means having a good relationship with the couple and their guests.

Communication Strategies for a Destination Wedding Photographer

Technology has closed the gap on communication and in today’s day and age, communicating via a variety of platforms is highly accessible. By using websites, social media and other resources, a photographer can learn about the couple even if there is no opportunity to meet in person. The pre-planning with destination weddings involves discussing location ideas and timeline preparation. Since a Hindu wedding includes many events within a few days, this pre-prep is crucial to underpinning the promised results.

The secret to flawless destination wedding photography is about having extensive knowledge and experience with the ceremony sequences and combining it with endurance and photographic ability to capture every fleeting moment. A destination Hindu wedding photographer can be viewed as one of your most precious resources since only they can capture your event’s essence and preserve it forever through their own unique vision.

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