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Tips for Great Wedding Photos

Years from now it won’t really matter where your wedding took place or how many people came. The only thing that will remain of that day will be your wedding photos. Putting exhaustive thoughts into every detail will be done in vain if there’s no evidence to recreate that particular day. Wedding photography is not just about people – it is important to also consider the surroundings so that when you look back upon your day, your mind is able to recreate the moments down to the last details. Aside from hiring a professional photographer, certain things can be done from your side to help guarantee exceptional photos.

Create a Vision/Mood Board

If you want your photographer to have a better understanding of what you are looking for, then it’s essential that they understand your personalities, relationships and preferences. Since photography is completely visual, developing a mood-board can help your creative team get to know you so that they can deliver results according to your requirements. The mood-board can be created in many ways, one of which is online where you can add images based on your preferred wedding photography style.

Schedule Enough Time for Photography

A lot usually happens on the day of a typical wedding, which can lead to significant changes in the time allotted for photography. By creating a detailed timeline, you can schedule photography sessions throughout your day and use it as a guide to help your day stay on track.

Keep Locations to a Minimum

For maximum photos, it is recommended to keep the photo-shoot locations to a minimum so that the time lost in relocating can be served in taking more pictures. A great photographer will have the ability to make any location work and create the illusion of variety in your wedding photography albums. It is important to trust your photographer and give them enough time to take quality pictures.

Hire Quality Vendors

The timeline of your wedding day has a key dependency on the trustworthiness of your vendors. Their unpredictability could set off a whole chain of events that could hamper your photography goals. You wouldn’t, for example, want your make-up artist to show-up two hours late with missing equipment. Do your due diligence, research thoroughly, read reviews and then engage in talks prior to hiring your vendors.

Allow Enough Time for Hair and Make-up

The earlier the bride is able finish with their hair and make-up routine, the more time they can dedicate towards taking photos. Rushing due to unexpected delays is stressful for the entire wedding party, especially for the bride. Therefore, it is important for various aspects of the wedding day to remain time-efficient.

Be Open to Try New Things

When hiring a photographer to take creative ownership of your wedding photography, it is very important to remain open to new and interesting photographic ideas. There may be occasions whereby the suggestions simply do not make sense to the bride and groom. However, the photographer will have a different understanding and view point as they are trained to understand how light and composition works together. Trust in your photographer to deliver. After all, it’s likely one of the reasons why you chose to hire them in the first place.

Wedding photography is a give and take relationship where you can contribute just as much as your wedding photographer to help them provide you with the images that you desire from your wedding day.

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