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Tips to Take the Best Wedding Photos in a Limited Period of Time

Indian weddings are a full-blown spectacle of events where unpredictability can run rampant no matter how prepared you are. Anything can happen on a wedding day which may side-track your goal of getting the perfect wedding photos. Indian wedding photography in London is no different since an Indian wedding anywhere in the world typically contains the same structure and elements of the day. Even the most regimented of plans can deviate from the timelines of the actual day for a number of reasons.

The amount of time allocated to your photographer could be reduced by as much as one-third, which makes it all the more imperative to ensure that a back up plan is in place in case this happens. It’s easy to become emotionally driven by such delays, so it is important to make the most of the available time and re-plan certain situations in conjunction with your photographer. What follows are a few tips on how you can stay on top of things:

Photographer Preparedness

A photographer that comes prepared with a vision of how they want to approach the day can go a long way towards being efficient with the available time. Being familiar and experienced with the kit that they bring will help ensure set up times are kept to a minimum so that more focus can be placed towards taking beautiful photos. A photographer with technical knowledge on how to pose a couple naturally and in a flattering way will also contribute towards saving time on the day whilst getting the most out of the situation.

Practice a Few go-to Poses

As part of the research process, it would be wise to look at a variety of wedding photos to not only help decide on the style of Indian wedding photography in London that you like but to also get a flavour of the types of poses couples tend to use. Studying these poses and practicing before your shoot will help with time efficiencies on the day. Certainly with limited time, there will be no requirement to have complicated and awkward poses – keeping it natural and carefree is the suggestion here.

Be Clear with your Communication

If you have discussed your photography needs beforehand, then there should be no confusion or concerns from either side. This practice is ideal for Indian weddings, where time delays are inevitable which may make last-minute communications challenging.

Keep Props at the Ready 

If you want to incorporate props in your Indian wedding photography in London, then keeping those prepped and ready to use for the shoot would be a great time saving activity. An fully experienced and professional wedding photographer won’t necessarily require props to get the session completed and can most likely improvise instead. But in the event that you do have props to hand, being prepared will only work in your favour.

Lastly, it is said that happiness transcends all hardships. Don’t let trivial issues ruin your perfect day – make the most of your Indian wedding photography in London. Let your photos do the talking about your special day when you reminisce on it years from now.

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